The West Port Bar & Kitchen

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170-172 South Street
St Andrews
KY16 9EG

Phone: 01334 473186


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7 user review(s)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGold star by (St Andrews) on 12 May 2010
Nope you're wrong Mr Drive - this place IS the best in town. I should know as I've tried them all! (hic!)Several times!! (5/5)

Gold starGold starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Manchester) on 21 December 2009
Was in this place not long ago - thought I'd try it out since it had a few good reviews. Don't really understand why though: London prices, average food and the decor is typical wannabe style bar with superfluous flat screens all over the place. There are much nicer places in town. (2/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGold star by (St Andrews) on 15 December 2009
Fantastic bar. I have been going for years & there is no better outside of Edinburgh. It also has the BEST beer garden - Love it!!! (5/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGrey star by (Anstruther) on 5 December 2009
I cannot disagree more with the other review posted on your site. I frequent the West Port almost everyday as I work in St Andrews. The reasons for this are: the food if great, the place is lovely to be in, but mostly because the staff are fantastic. There is always a warm welcome and speedy, courteous service. I have tried others but they fail to compare. Maybe Mr Massie should stay in Glasgow and leave this gem to us locals! (4/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGrey star by (St Andrews) on 5 December 2009
It's not often I am moved to write a review, but after my experiences of last week I feel I must. My brother and his new wife were over from Australia for a visit and had booked into the West Port for two nights. We ended up having dinner with them there on both nights as it was so good. Why I have been wasting my money all these years paying restaurant prices at other 'better known' establishments in town only to feel slightly let down every time I do not know. The West Port staff are a good mix of students and local people. All of them really seem to care and worked their socks off to make it a fantastic weekend for all four of us. So I must thank them and recommend to all that the West Port Bar & Kitchen must be visited. (4/5)

Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Glasgow) on 15 October 2009
The worst service I have ever experienced. We went for a family lunch and the service was extremely slow and our waitress was aggressively rude when we complained - truly shocking. Worse still, apparently she was the duty manager. We only got half our order. No apology was volunteered and no discount offered to reflect the shoddy service. Instead we got looks that could have killed. I only hope this place improves before next year's Open as our experience was disgraceful and would give visitors wholly the wrong impression of what is available in the East Neuk. My recommendation is to go somewhere - anywhere! - else. St Andrews and the surrounding areas have some great places to eat - this is not one of them. (1/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGrey starGrey star by (Edinburgh) on 10 October 2009
Good bar - good drinks - poor service - especially poor food service. (3/5)

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