The Rule

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116 South Street
St Andrews
KY16 9QD

Phone: 01334 473473

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9 user review(s)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGrey star by (St Andrews) on 18 September 2012
The Rule is the perfect bar/pub. Unrivalled for Sports, there are plenty of screens around for everyone to watch. The food is delicious and good meal-deals keep it relatively cheap. The pub quiz on Monday nights is awesome but can be slightly sickly, as I found out the other night. Great pub and highly recommended! (4/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGrey star by (Dundee) on 3 June 2009
First of all, Lukas, as Head Doorman at The Rule I would like to take this opposrtunity to point out that the security now is very different to what it was in November, come along and see for yourself. Since the place has been done up it's looking good too! I love working at The Rule, friendly atmosphere, friendly regular customers and brilliant staff. Friday nights the music is very mixed and request driven, Saturday's are dancey with Karaoke thrown in for good measure and look out for Omen, the weekly alternative night starting on Thursday June 11th! (4/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGold star by (st andrews) on 30 January 2009
fantastic good honest food, as said in previous reviews the breakfast offer is the best i've seen. friendly approachable staff and a great offering for sport (5/5)

Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (St Andrews) on 23 November 2008
Awful, bouncers were awful, not condemning anything apart from the innocent. Truly Awful. (1/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGrey starGrey star by (Glasgow) on 8 September 2008
Brilliant little pub. Good promotions. Good atmosphere. Only spoiled by the amount of wasps in the beer garden. (3/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGrey star by (St Andrews) on 15 June 2008
I recently had the pleasure of going into the new 'The Rule' bar. I must say it is a very nice reasonably priced bar in the centre of St Andrews. I had a breakfast and it was probably the best breakfast I have had in any bars in St Andrews and the price was very good value (large hot chocolate especially) and the service from the bar staff was first class. Will definately go back. definately (4/5)

Gold starGold starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (St Andrews) on 4 June 2008
Far too loud on Friday and Saturday nights. Its a bar that thinks its a club. There are lots of screens all around the place, which is fine if you're looking to watch the football. If you're not then avoid the place. The taps need cleaned too. (2/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGold star by (St Andrews) on 29 May 2008
What was once a dark and 'fighting' pub has been transformed into the place to be. Serving excellent food all day and until 10pm. A large beer garden also open until 10pm the rule has fast become the place to be and to watch live football on the sky LARGE screen and multiple plasma's situated around the premises. I would recommend the Rule to anyone! (5/5)

Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (London) on 21 April 2008
Filled with the same grotesque elements of society every week. The bar itself is a fairly awful stainless steel affair with as little personality as its regulars. [This based on the bars last incarnation - The Gin House] (1/5)

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