Harbour House

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5 Ellice Place
St Andrews
KY16 9HU

Phone: 01334 474969

Web: Website not known

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Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Lanark, UK) on 9 August 2010
What a very disappointing experience in the beautiful town of St Andrews. Went to this cafe for a light lunch and some tea. First off, you have to find a table for yourself with no help from the less than friendly staff, which I think proved confusing (and too much) for some of the non-English speaking visitors. On finding a table, it was none too clean and the staff could barely seem bothered to clear the tables let alone clean them. Having given our order to the rather disinterested person on the till (who seemed more concerned with eating the cake he had stashed behind the counter - it's really not nice seeing restaurant staff eating in between serving your food), we waited and waited...and waited. After about 20 minutes or so, a rather sorry looking bagel turned up on a huge wooden platter (where a plate would have been fine, I'm sure) - it was supposed to be toasted but seemed more soggy than anything else. And the tea we had ordered just didn't show up at all. When asked about this, the staff were unapologetic (the order must have got lost and frankly this wasn't their problem!) and seemed to find the idea of someone complaining amusing more than anything else. Taking that long to toast a bagel and make a pot of tea seems unreasonable (given that the place wasn't even that busy) but sniggering your customers seems just plain rude. We won't be returning. We got our money back for the tea and made a swift exit...we couldn't face eating the bagel but our dogs enjoyed it, at least. (1/5)

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