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KY16 8NN

Phone: 01334 473604

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Gold starGold starGold starGold starGrey star by (argyll and bute) on 27 December 2011
Stayed her twice great park to stay in great service Wardens could not do enough for us realy kind careing people looking foward to going back for many more stays Keep up the great work (4/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGold star by (scotland) on 15 July 2011
this caravan sight is amazing we have been going there for a couple of years now and have enjoyed every stay the games room is great for the kids its a short walk to the beach and swimming pool great entertainment at night great great family holiday (5/5)

Gold starGold starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (glenrothes) on 18 April 2010
Ditto everything that paulmaggo said. we had 3 runs in with the over zealous warden. We didnt have room to put our car beside the caravan and awning and he was sooooo rude and unpolite about it that we decided not too move the car in principle. The when he asked again I wasn't impressed with his manner so wanted to know who the owner was so i could complain. Then was told that his boss wont speak to a minion like me. How rude. Apart from that and the hard groud to hard for pegs, It was an ok site. Showeres in A block pretty poor and the time delay needs to be adjusted as its frustrating having to press the button every 2 mins. Wouldn't go back to this site as the warden has put me off it (2/5)

Gold starGold starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Fife) on 3 May 2009
Should say right from the get-go that I was never that impressed by Cairnsmill Caravan Park. Against my better judgement I joined 3 other family and friends and the 4 caravans spent the May Holiday Weekend at Cairnsmill. My wife and van arrived before I did on the Friday, when I did arrive I was astonished by the new layout. Cairnsmill Management had decided that Caravans WITH Awnings should be on the gravel hard standing and the caravans only on the grass. We had been on gravel before but nothing like this. 4-6 inches of top gravel with another 6 inches below with hard rocks. Bring plenty Heavy duty metal pegs with you. (Or buy the from the site shop who seem to have plenty in stock &£14;. You may also need to purchase a heavy hammer or hiliti gun to get them in. Without a doubt this one action alone has wasted this site. Over the weekend I overheard a number of others complaining about the same issue. The next set of issues relate to the over-zealous jobs worth who resembles a traffic warden or Parkie. “No driving over the grass to go straight to your pitch (allowing easier pitch down). Instead you’re allowed to drive round to your pitch, THEN DRIVE ONTO THE OPPOSITE GRASS to reverse your van back. Ehhh????, Somebody want to explain the logic behind that?? Next, do not dare to unhitch your van and leave the car on the road or on adjacent grass…. The Parkie’s back round on your shoulder wanting your car moved before you’ve even got the legs down and the kettle on. (At this stage my wife told him to to go forth). Moving on, it appears” that there is a huge speeding problem on the park as a number of drivers throughout the weekend were targeted by the Warden (obviously wishing he had been a traffic officer), by him jumping out in front of you at the gates and flagging you down to tell you that you had been seen flying around the park at excessive speed. Don’t try and argue with him though as you will be there all night. He will tell you that he has a speed gun. Which begs many questions like: - Has he or not? - Is it a Home Office Prescribed Device? - Could it be used in any litigation? - Has he had any training on the device? The reality is that regardless of how much you disprove him you were not speeding, its probably easier just to tug your forelock say aye, ok and move on to enjoy his fantasy life. It also appears that certain rules do not apply to him as his dog is allowed to wander the site without being on a lead? Moving back to the site. Showers have often appeared in the number of reviews I have read. One set has only one shower unit”. It is a proper shower unit with seating area. Unfortunately, you either need to stand in long queue for it or when you do get there the water is freezing. (So was the dishwashing water area on bank holiday Sunday as well). The other shower area has two showers but not enough hooks for clothes and no seating/dry area. Wait to get back to the caravan before putting your socks on! They have a bizarre cleaning ritual for the showers and toilets which begins right smack in the middle of mid morning. SO, even though you get to the front of the queue you might find yourself turfed out until the abrasive mouthed cleaner allows you back in. Looks like you need to be up with the larks to get a shower in quick time and hot water….. The loosely termed fishing pond is only for fly fishing only. God knows how any fish can see the flies as the water is mudder than mud. On the plus side there are a number of dog poo bins but a number of them are pretty full, so not sure when they were last emptied? Another thing that the Parkie fills his time with is the enforcement of 1 car per caravan. You are allowed a second vehicle on site (chargeable) but it has to be parked in the spare car parks, not at the caravan side. At the beginning of the review I noted Cairnsmill was not a favourite. To conclude, I would give reference to Kinkell Braes, a site less than 12 mile away on the cliff edge above St. Andrews. With panoramic views, easy pitching, constant hot water, awning and groundsheet cleaning area, good restaurant facilities and a nice walk straight onto the beach means that I will never be back at Cairnsmill and never again have to put up with the jobs worth over zealous warden who obviously needs to go on working with the public” training. (2/5)

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